Why Discretionary Portfolio Management

Apex Private Wealth Counsel has accomplished what few other investment advisors have. We have completed the demanding educational, experiential and organizational requirements to be approved as Portfolio Managers.  PM licensed Advisors represent 7% of all licensed Advisors in Canada.  This approach to wealth management provides the most significant benefits to our clients.  Portfolio Managers are held to the highest standard in the industry, we have a fiduciary duty to act with care integrity and honesty while proceeding in good faith while always maintaining the client’s best interest.

An investment policy statement (IPS) is a document drafted between a Portfolio Manager and the client which outlines the general investment goals and objectives of a client.  The IPS also describes the specific strategies, such as asset allocation, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements that the manager  should utilize to meet the clients objectives. 

Discretionary Management Timing

As Portfolio Managers, Apex Private Wealth Counsel is typically given discretionary authority to make investment decisions without getting prior approval for each transaction.  Therefore, we’re able to respond very quickly and efficiently to economic and market changes, and to capitalize on tactical opportunities.

Fair and Efficient

All participating investors will benefit from the ability to transact “in bulk”, resulting in fair and equal treatment. This also enables Apex Private Wealth Counsel to achieve operational efficiencies, which helps to reduce costs to our clients.

Objective and Unbiased

Apex Private Wealth Counsel charges a fee based on a percentage of the investments managed, and not by a commission or by completing transactions. This allows us to select investments and perform trades objectively and free from bias. Ultimately, our performance and success as an organization are dependent upon the performance of the investments and the success of our clients.

Transparency Understood

With our simplified tiered fee schedule and reporting process, emphasis is placed on clarity and transparency.  Our clients gain comfort from being able to understand and see both the costs of our services and the results of our efforts.

A Broader Range of Asset Classes

Traditionally, investors only had access to 3 main asset classes, equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and cash (money market instruments). As Portfolio Managers, Apex Private Wealth Counsel specialize in high-level investment strategies and a much wider range of asset classes and alternative investments that were only once available to pension funds and high net worth investors.  Investors enjoy truly diversified investment portfolios, with an asset mix that is expected to enhance returns and reduce volatility inside a discretionary account.

Tax Deductibility of fees

When your fees are charged on your non-registered portfolio’s, they can be deducted on your income taxes as carrying charges.

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