Values First, Wealth Second

Values first, wealth second

Many people are surprised to learn that in our first meeting with a new client we don’t talk about money. We won’t ask what’s in your bank account, your amount of debt or what you have to invest. We’re interested in knowing all of that, of course. But to support our clients in building a purpose driven life we have to first understand a client’s values. We want to know where your passion lies, what your dreams look like and what your priorities are. Our objective is to set our clients up to lead extraordinary lives. To make that happen, we need to truly understand your values. Once we understand where you are today, where you want to be and the values that guide you, then we talk about money. 

Core values inform your thoughts, words, actions and ultimately your spending and investments. An extraordinary life, one built with purpose is based on these pillars. Once defined, values are used as decision-making touchpoints that help to guide you forward. Is family number one? Community? Adventure? Autonomy? Legacy? There are no wrong answers. We create a safe, open dialogue where we can prioritise and re-prioritise. We ask questions and look at how different values compliment one another. We create a vision board of values, and then examine how these values support your goals and vice versa.

Building your life

Developing the vision for your life involves setting short and long-term goals, to point to your values, which help to create a life you don’t want to retire from. In that initial new client meeting, we discuss life transitions, events, milestone birthdays and the detours we should plan for. When your values are defined it’s easy to turn to them and check in before big, or small decisions. Our values shape our behaviours which impact our health, financially and otherwise. 

We had a client who wanted to celebrate an important milestone birthday by treating herself to an exotic holiday. She was navigating a tumultuous life transition she hadn’t expected and felt she needed the opportunity to get away and to celebrate herself, even if her budget was minimal. Joy was one of this client’s top values. We worked with this client to create a plan that met her values and her goals. We developed a budget and a process that allowed her to save and pay for her holiday. When our values are met and goals are achieved, that is when life is extraordinary.

Investing with Impact

Over subsequent meetings with new clients, we discuss aligning your financial success with your core personal values. We talk about activating your values and integrating them into your plan. We talk about legacy. We discuss accountability and your support networks, whether that’s Sea Glass Wealth as your financial team, your family or others. We look at insurance and what’s available to you in the event of an unforeseen challenge. We explore who’s on your team of experts, how and where your wealth is managed and who’s in control. We discuss retirement, tax and education management, major purchases, banking and credit management. We plan for major purchases and business succession. We look back to your values at every turn, ensuring that you, your values and the support we’re offering are all aligned.

When it comes to growing wealth and investing there are an abundance of options in the market. No matter your wealth, there is an investment opportunity that will support your goals and values. Often values make a clear path to a vision of the work you love to do and the impact you would like to create in the world. Investments are about offering support where your interest is, and putting funds behind issues you care about. Many of our clients think locally, value sustainable businesses and are interested in impact investments. Impact investments are generally connected at a grassroots level making them more locally focused than other options. If community falls on your values list, we can discuss your options with impact investment.

Define extraordinary

In that initial meeting, we want to get to know you as a person. Your money is always secondary to your vision. Wealth grows and changes. Values can change too but it’s important to start with a core set to anchor us. As the world and life continue to evolve and challenge us, we are here to guide you. Our team creates stability, comfort, and peace of mind for our clients so you can focus on what matters most. We’re here to support you in leading an extraordinary life, but it’s up to you to define extraordinary for you..

Get in touch if you want to chat about your values, your goals and how your finances can support you. Contact Tracey and Kristina, we can’t wait to chat with you!


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